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Membership Specials – Take Advantage Now!

Dear all,

Here is a special we’ve never done before.


Between today and June 9th, 2017 if you sign up or renew your membership we will extend your membership length two-fold.

Example you sign up or renew and pay for a year; we’ll give you two!

Sign up or re-new for 2 years and we’ll extend you membership for four!

Sign up or re-new for 4 years and we’ll extend your membership for eight years total!!!

This is a great opportunity to save on membership fees. Combine this with multi-year discount and you can get an 8-year membership with this for $68 or family membership for $85.  That is an amazing deal!


This is available to all. New, Expired or Current.  You don’t have to wait for your membership expires.

Sign up or renew online or at one of our meetings before June 9th.

Click Here to Proceed.



Aquarium Bus Trip

In response to members’ request for a bus trip to popular aquariums, we provide this option sheet. The locations are the Boston Aquarium, Baltimore Aquarium or the Riverhead Aquarium. The location with the most votes will be investigated for costs and time factors. These are really great fun day trips, the sort of trip most of us would never do on our own. We leave & depart from NY Aquarium early in the morning and arrive back at the NY Aquarium that evening. The trip is planned for the Spring, on a weekend, either in April or May, 2017. At the November 11 Event we’ll have questionnaires to see what dates would be best for members. The selected location will be announced at our January event, along with the associated costs. Full payment must be received by the March 10th Event.


See Flyer…

2017 American Livebearer Association Convention, May 4-7

2017 American Livebearer Association (ALA) Convention | May 4 – 7 | St. Louis, MO

Welcome to the American Livebearers Association Convention 2017. 

Come enjoy the annual get together of Ovoviviparous and Viviparous fish fans. This year we will have an amazing show! The Missouri Aquarium Society and Gateway Guppy Associates have teamed up to bring you two shows in one convention. That’s right, you will get to see an International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) show as well. There will be speakers throughout the weekend giving lectures on the science, husbandry and habitat topics of livebearers wild and domestic. There will be a HUGE vendor’s showroom, silent auction, raffles, the world’s largest livebearer only auction, Friday night box sale, ONE hour fish sale with rare and fancy livebearers, a nightly hospitality room and fish room tours, along with all of the great local attractions St. Louis has to offer.

More info here…


Whale Watching Trip – Friday, July 24th

From Breezy Point, Rockaway Queens.
Aboard the American Princess.

We have a group rate of $38 for adults,
$25 for 5 to 12 years of age.

We need to have a definite count and all paid,
no later than July 10.
If we have 90 people we can have the entire boat for our trip!
The boat can take up to 150 people.
There is a snack bar on board so you cannot bring coolers or beverages,
although you can bring sandwichs.
There’s free parking at the dock.


Brooklyn members contact – Joe Graffagnino
Queens members contact – Dan Radebaugh
New Jersey members contact – Frank Policastro
Nassau County members contact – Harry Faustmann
Lancaster members contact – Kurt Johnston

See flyer here

The boat website:


The 3rd edition of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society’s Photo Contest is officially open!

Once again, we are very fortunate to have such a generous outpouring of support for our club and our contest from the generous sponsors who have provided us with numerous, truly fantastic prizes. All entries will be accepted starting Saturday, June 13th, 2015 until Sunday, October 18th, 2015. The website made especially for the contest ( is ready to go to accept your photo submissions. Don’t wait! Take photos of your tanks, plants, fish and post them whenever inspiration takes over. Just click on the “Register Here” tab, fill out the necessary contact information and upload your photos — easy as that. Please don’t forget to indicate which category the submitted photos are to be placed. Submitted photographs must be minimum 720 pixels wide or 720 pixel tall. In order to give all participants of the contest enough space to showcase their treasures, we have increased the number of photos each person can post in a given category, from 3 photos to 5. The Photo Contest is open to all members of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society in good standing, so please make sure you have renewed your membership in order to post your photos and win the fabulous prizes.

All winning photos will be published in our Brooklyn Aquarium Society’s publications as well as on our club’s website. All submitted photos in the 2015 Photo Contest will be archived on the contest’s website, as are all photos from our 2014 Photo Contest. Become a part of the club’s history for all to admire!

NEC 40th Annual Convention – March 20-22, 2015

Official Info Music Video for the All-Species All-Hobbyist Extravaganza celebrating the non-profit Northeast Council of Aquarium Society’s 40th Anniversary Convention! Rocky Hill, CT. 15 speakers, vendor & hobbyist sales, IGEES Guppy Show, Silent & Live Auctions, Hospitality Room, 3 Full Course Buffet Meals, Prizes, Raffles, Freebies, MORE! Come for a day or stay the weekend.

Early-Bird Registration closes March 6th.  See flyer here.

“Giant Clams In The Sea and The Aquarium” by our speaker James Fatherree

Just recommending a good read by our speaker James Fatherree.   Order from Amazon with Prime and have in in time to have James autograph it for you at our meeting on Friday, November 14th. Order Here

Full Disclosure: Brooklyn Aquarium Society receives a small percentage of proceeds from book sales from our sponsors.  Your purchase will support our great club.

Earn 50%* on donated livestock in November 2014

We will once again be having a 50/50 split on donated livestock only (corals, fish and plants in good health) for members only. Members must sign in at the donation desk that they want 50% of whatever their livestock items are auctioned for (no reserves). The total of all donations must be greater than $5 and your return check will be available for pickup at the next regular meeting or during our board meeting on July 13th.

If you have any questions regarding this event please don’t hesitate to contact us or just post your questions below.

Not a member yet? No problem, become one today

NYS Marine Education Association Conference – Registration Open

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On Sat Oct. 25,  NYSMEA,  the New York State Marine Education Association will be
celebrating its 36th Annual Conference, Coastal Treasures and Troubles”, at the Rachel Carson HS of Coastal Studies, and at the New York Aquarium, both facilities in Coney Island.

Keynote speakers, workshops, field trips, evening dinner party and presentation at the NY Aquarium.

Get Marinated and join us for this education adventure.

Teacher credit available, and a great opportunity for professional networking for career-readiness college students interested in marine science and environmental studies.

Download Flyer Here.


Thank you,
Dr. Merryl Kafka
NYSMEA Conference Committee



SECOND ANNUAL PHOTO CONTEST – Take your best shot!

We’ve had such great success with our photo contest last year that we decided to do it again.

With more categories (19!), more sponsors and better prizes you’ll be silly not to share your photos with us.

Read more about it here (Our member Tomasz Lis was nice enough to create a whole website dedicated to it)


2nd Annual Photo Contest Flyer


See Prizes >

Read Rules >

Submit Photos >


Don’t wait, get to work, take your best shot and when ready submit it here.

Contest ends midnight Sunday October 13th, 2014. Any late entries will not be considered.






Thanksgiving Specials for BAS Members – Don’t miss out.

Our new sponsor New Island Aquarium, 1963 Utica Avenue (between Ave. K & L in  Brooklyn) – will have a 25% off livestock and a 10% off dry goods sale this Friday [Black Friday].
Mention you’re a BAS member and you will get an additional 5% off any livestock!

Brooklyn Zoo & Aquarium, 2377 Ralph Ave. (between Ave. K & L in Brooklyn) – will be having Holiday Sale with discounts on everything!
Mention you’re a BAS member and get an additional 10% off.

Earn 50%* on donated livestock at November 8, 2013 event.

We will once again be having a 50/50 split on donated livestock only (corals, fish and plants in good health) for members only.

Members must sign in at the donation desk that they want 50% of whatever their livestock items are auctioned for (no reserves).

The total of all donations must be greater than $5 and your return check will be available for pickup at the next regular meeting.

If you have any questions regarding this event please don’t hesitate to contact us or just post your questions below.

Not a member yet? No problem, become one today


FIRST ANNUAL PHOTO CONTEST – Take your best shot!

FLYER: Front | Back

Deadline – September 30th, 2013

Freshwater Categories:

  • Best Aquascape
  • Best Nano Aquarium (2 ½ – 10 gallons)
  • Best Med-sized aquarium (15 – 40 gallons)
  • Best Large aquarium (50 + gallons)
  • Spectacular Freshwater Fish
  • Most Fabulous Plant
  • Most Amazing Freshwater Invert
  • Best Freshwater Photo (any category)
  • Spectacular Cichlid

Saltwater Categories

  • Best Aquascape
  • Best Nano Aquarium (2½ – 10 gallons)
  • Best Med-sized aquarium (15 – 40 gallons)
  • Best Large aquarium (50 + gallons)
  • Spectacular Saltwater Fish
  • Most Breathtaking Corals Reefs
  • Most Amazing Saltwater Invert
  • Best Saltwater Photo (any category)




Aqueon Products Inc. Sponsor Banner


Kent Marine




PRIZES – From Sponsors Above – Thank you!

Freshwater Categories:

Best Aquascape

  • AquaVitro Plant (Premier, Envy, Proper, Carbonate, Mineralize, Synthesis, Activate) by SEACHEM

Best Nano Aquarium (2 ½ – 10 gallons)

  • Evolve 2, water care products, food, siphon, cleaning magnet by AQUEON

Best Med-sized aquarium (15 – 40 gallons)

  • Evolve 4, water care products, food, siphon by AQUEON

Best Large aquarium (50 + gallons)

  • $100 worth of HIKARI products.

Spectacular Freshwater Fish

  • $100 worth of HIKARI products.

Most Fabulous Plant

  • 500ml Bottles of Prime, Flourish, Flourish Excel, Flourish Iron, 600g Bottles of Acid Buffer, Alkaline Buffer, Equilibrium, Nutridiet Flakes (30g), 1L Matrix by SEACHEM

Most Amazing Freshwater Invert

  • Evolve 4, water care products, food, siphon by AQUEON

Best Freshwater Photo (any category)

  • $100 worth of HIKARI products

Spectacular Cichlid

  • $100 worth of HIKARI products


Saltwater Categories

Best Aquascape

  • AquaVitro Reef (Alpha, Balance, Calcification, Eight.Four Fuel, Ions, Vibrance) By SEACHEM

Best Nano Aquarium (2½ – 10 gallons)

Best Med-sized aquarium (15 – 40 gallons)

Best Large aquarium (50 + gallons)

  • $100 worth of HIKARI products

Spectacular Saltwater Fish

  • $100 worth of HIKARI products

Most Breathtaking Corals Reefs

  • SEACHEM 1L Bottles of Reef Fusion 1& 2; 1L Containers of Matrix Carbon, Phosguard & Matrix; Nutridiet Marine Flakes (30g)

Most Amazing Saltwater Invert

Best Saltwater Photo (any category)

  • $100 worth of HIKARI products



No purchase or payment necessary to enter or win


The 1st Brooklyn Aquarium Photo Contest will be announced June 14th, 2013 at the monthly Society’s meeting, all entries will be accepted until September 30th, 2013. The results of the Contest as well as the award ceremony will take place on October 11th at the Society’s monthly meeting. Digital photos must be submitted to BROOKLYN AQUARIUM SOCIETY YAHOO GROUP in JPEG format. Photos submitted must be 6 MP (mega pixel) or greater. As a condition of registration, you will be required to click where indicated to signify that you accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules. With each submission, participants must include the following: 1) Name of Photographer, 2) Address of Photographer, 3) Phone Number, 4) Email, 5) Category of Freshwater or Saltwater photo is to be entered, 6) Scientific and Common Name of Subject in Photo.

> Brooklyn Aquarium Society @ Yahoo Groups < Submit your photos here.

Photo Eligibility
To enter, you do not have to be a member of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society or a member of the BAS Forum, contest is open to all, no age restrictions. BAS judging individuals and their immediate family are not eligible. BAS non-members taking part in the Contest and winning a prize for any of the 17 categories will receive a free 1 year membership to BAS. Entries that fail to comply with the Official Contest Rules will be disqualified.

Image Modifications
Minor digital enhancement is permitted, but images that have been significantly modified or appear unnatural will be disqualified.

Number of Entries
An individual may submit a maximum of 3 photos per category, any category.

Photo Subject Restrictions
Photos must be appropriate for category entered. Photos unrelated to the contest or of questionable content will not be considered. BAS retains sole discretion as to what constitutes appropriate content. Photos must not contain people or other objects other than the subject for the category entered.

Contest ends midnight September 30th, 2013. Any late entries will not be considered.

Entries will be judged on the basis of photographic quality, and effectiveness in conveying the beauty and/or unique character of the object in their respective categories. A panel of judges consisting of representatives of the Contest’s sponsors as well as members of the BAS Board will judge the entries and all contest decisions are final.

The judging panel will select 17 winning entries (one per category). Winners and all prizes will be announced and presented during the BAS October 11th 2013 meeting. Any winner not able to attend the October 11th 2013 meeting, the prize will be kept at BAS until the December 13, 2013 meeting. If the winner/s fails to collect the prize as mentioned earlier, the prize/s will be auctioned at the January 10, 2014 meeting.

Entries must be submitted by the original photographer. Do not submit a photo taken by someone other than yourself. You must be the sole owner of the image submitted. By submitting your photo, you guarantee that you are the author and copyright holder of the photo. By submitting, the contestant waives all rights upon submission and therefore has no recourse whatsoever in the use of the photo.

Additional Terms and Conditions
BAS is not responsible for computer system, hardware, software, or program malfunctions or other errors, failures, or delayed computer transactions or network connections that are human or technical in nature. Furthermore, BAS is not responsible for: (i) lost, misdirected, misplaced, illegible, unintelligible, incomplete, or late entries or (ii) any act, failure to act, or delay regarding the transmitting or processing of entries. BAS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend all or any portion of this contest without notice. BAS is entitled to interpret these rules as needed and its decisions are final. BAS reserves the right to disqualify any entrant that BAS has reason to believe is not the original work of entrant, or does not otherwise meet the contest rules.