President’s Message

Dear Aquarist,

February the club featured Joe Yaiullo from Long Island Aquarium who came to speak to us. Joe never lets us down! His talk was on “A Hard Reboot of a 20,000 Gallon Reef Tank and Combating a New Coral Parasite Known Only as THEM.” It was a riveting tale on how he got his showcase tank emptied out and then ready for prime time again. He battled creatures both big and microscopic. In fact prior to the talk, he’d just gotten stitches removed from his hand and arm due to the potent and mysterious mytobacteria. What an incredible story! Joe is the curator of the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead, and if you haven’t been there yet, it is worth the trip!!
It takes a lot of effort from many people like our board members who continue to work hard to bring a great show every month. I want to thank them for their dedication, drive and loyalty. Anyone wishing to help out, we will gladly give you something to do! Please ask.

The March meeting featured Hock Ng who dazzled us with beautifully designed aquascapes. He answered questions in real time and the members in attendance got a lot out of the presentation.

The April meeting featured Sandy Moore, President of Segrest Inc, the largest wholesale supplier of ornamental fish in the United States. She flew in from Florida to address the crowd. We don’t often get that kind of perspective for the hobby — one of a wholesaler. It was very engaging and informative. Our members had a lot of insightful questions.

Check out our Facebook page for aquatic sales from our club. We will post things for sale periodically. We always have tanks and equipment for sale. If you are looking for something aquatic, reach out to us.
Any hobby or aquatic information you hear or read about, please share with our editor, Ginny Cahill. It can be short stories about your own aquatic experiences. Please send all emails to Ginny at basny.editor [at] Help make AquaticNews a great publication that our memeber want to read!

We are always looking for your input on our events. Please let us know if you want speakers on any aquatic topic. We need our members to be more involved as we are always trying to better our club. For more info, please call out hotline 718-837-4455.