Dear Prospective Member,

When you join, you will become a member of the largest and oldest general interest aquarium society in the country. The Brooklyn Aquarium Society is a friendly, family oriented, nonprofit organization which welcomes hobbyists who want to learn more about aquaria keeping, and want to share their expertise with others. The Society is multi faceted, with interests; from marine fish and reef keeping to freshwater tropical fish to plants.

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We have two levels of membership, namely:

Limited | Web Only – $10.00

As limited, or Web only, member, it is our desire to make many of the advantages of our society available to the broadest spectrum of hobbyists, especially those who do not live in our immediate vicinity. As a Web only member, you will be entitled to the following:

  • An extensive library of articles on setting up and keeping fish.
  • A comprehensive list of Web addresses to aquariums, societies, suppliers etc.
  • An e-mail version of our monthly newsletter – B. A. S. Bulletin
  • Free classified ads in the BAS Bulletin for noncommercial members to sell fish or other equipment.
  • An e-mail version of our award-winning publication Aquatica.
  • Eligible to write articles for Aquatica
  • Eligible to purchase our embroidered shirts, caps, sweatshirts, etc.
  • Eligible to attend our education classes.
  • Permission to attend two of our main auctions each year in October and May

Web members do not receive membership card and its privileges and have no voting rights.


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$20 (Individuals);
$25 (Family);
$15 (Students 14-18 years old)

As a full member you will have these fine benefits in addition to the ones included with limited membership (see left column).

  • Free admission to all BAS Monthly Events.
  • Expert speakers monthly, on all aspects of the hobby.
  • Marine and Freshwater meetings, alternating monthly.
  • Free fish food and other samples distributed at meetings.
  • Fish and dry goods auction ~ monthly.
  • Breeders Awards Program. Certificate and trophies awarded.
  • Monthly door prizes and raffles.
  • Speaker autographed book sales at special prices.
  • Lending library of video tapes on fish care and breeding.
  • Join or start a SIG (Special Interest Group)
  • Subscription to the award winning publication of our Society, Aquatica (Bi-monthly, 5 issues per year)
  • In addition, one year subscription to our monthly newsletter, the BAS Bulletin (10 issues per year).
  • Free classified ads in the BAS Bulletin for noncommercial members to sell fish or other equipment.
  • Discounts on livestock and dry goods at many BAS participating pet stores.
  • Meet and learn from hobby experts, chance to speak one-on-one with them at monthly events.
  • Volunteer for BAS Committees or become a board member (after 6 months membership).
  • Invitation to the BAS December ~ All-You-Can-Eat Holiday Party.
  • Write for Aquatica with a chance to win Article of the Year Awards.
  • BAS Hotline-Members’ phone numbers for help and advise.
  • Network with other members for information and hard-to-find fish.
  • Free secure parking and free refreshments, coffee, soda, cakes & cookies at monthly events

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