Membership Specials – Take Advantage Now!

Dear all,

Here is a special we’ve never done before.


Between today and June 9th, 2017 if you sign up or renew your membership we will extend your membership length two-fold.

Example you sign up or renew and pay for a year; we’ll give you two!

Sign up or re-new for 2 years and we’ll extend you membership for four!

Sign up or re-new for 4 years and we’ll extend your membership for eight years total!!!

This is a great opportunity to save on membership fees. Combine this with multi-year discount and you can get an 8-year membership with this for $68 or family membership for $85.  That is an amazing deal!


This is available to all. New, Expired or Current.  You don’t have to wait for your membership expires.

Sign up or renew online or at one of our meetings before June 9th.

Click Here to Proceed.