President’s Message – April 2017

Dear Aquarist,

The April event brought back a great friend, Todd Gardner. Todd has been a mainstay speaker for our club for almost two decades. He also donated marine fish babies that his school and business venture breed in-house. Truly unbelievable! Todd spoke on very rare and very expensive imported fish that his group is trying to breed locally. He has had some success in this area. We wish him the best in all of his ventures!

Next month not only brings May flowers but also our giant auction. We plan on having an unbelievable array of freshwater, marine and brackish water species, along with plants, corals and marine plants and invertebrates. Make no mistake: be there or lose out on unbelievable and rare species that you may never see again.

As always, we will have free parking and free refreshments. There are sure to be great items available, but they do go quickly. In response to your requests, we have changed our routine. Doors open at 7:30 pm for viewing of auction items. THERE WILL NOT BE A GUEST LECTURER AT OUR MAY EVENT, ONLY A FEW HUNDRED ITEMS FOR YOUR AQUATIC PLEASURE!

We would like to thank our members and our sponsors for their constant generous donations that keep us going. Anyone who has any aquatic items, supplies or equipment, and that would include healthy livestock of fish, corals or plants, we always welcome the donation.

If anyone has any topics they want to hear an expert speak on, or any specific speaker, please tell us.

Steven Matassa