We have a new sponsor – PopCorals.com

Welcome aboard and thank you for your support.

Pop Corals, aka “The Candy Shop,  is a Brooklyn, NY based company that was started by a few dedicated hobbyists. As hobbyists, we believe individuals should not have to pay crazy prices for quality livestock. Pop Corals has the ability to keep costs low because we own our own facilities and work directly with importers.

Pop Corals offers various products including corals, fish and dry goods. The goal of our company is to cherry pick quality items that we would put in our own aquariums. Most of our items will be WYSIWYG so you know exactly what your getting prior to purchasing.

If you have any questions regarding our inventory or if you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We treat every customer as our most important and will do our best to provide and serve you with the best products at the best prices.

Give them a call or visit today!

NYC’s Marine Aquarium Fish & Coral Shop

* Specializing in rare fish and one of a kind coral *

Mon-Fri:  11AM – 7PM
Sat-Sun: 11AM – 7PM
Phone: 347-674-3724
Email: info@popcorals.com
Visit Us: 6701 13th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Presidents Message – February 2024

Dear Aquarists,

Our January Auction showcased James Perrenod speaking on cichlids,.  As always James gives a great talk. He packs the house.  We had many donations from stores, Manufacturers, and our own members.  The 50/50 is bringing in many bags of donations each month.  Whatever livestock our members bring in they split with the club, 50/50. This is for livestock only.  We will continue to do a 50/50 every month from here on out.  This is a great way to make a little money and enjoy the breeding.  Don’t forget to submit your breeders form to claim breeders bragging rights and submission to the awards points program.  Sending in a photo with short description of the fish and tank description will grant you addition points.

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President’s Message – November 2023

Dear Aquarist,       

Our October Giant Auction event was a great success! We had many donations from stores, manufacturers and our own members. The 50/50 model is bringing in a lot of bags of donations each month. What is a 50/50? Whatever livestock our members bring in, they split the winning bid with the club, 50/50. This is for livestock only. We are going to continue to do a 50/50 every month except during our next Giant Auction which is in May.

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President’s Message – April 2023

Dear Aquarist,

We had a very good turnout in March to see our own David Manuel speak on starting a saltwater tank. This was David’s first time speaking at any club, and he did a great job! This is a topic that many of our members are interested in. Thank you David for once again stepping up for us! Since the pandemic, it has been hard to get speakers to make the trip to Brooklyn to speak. We will continue to do our best to bring you engaging speakers.

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Summer Club Trip 2023

  • 😀 Summer Store Tour😀

Join us for a summer outing to the one and only Monster Aquarium store in Queens.   Monster specializes in hard to find fish of quality and is a long time supporter of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society.

Monster Aquarium ,

131-08 4th Road
Flushing, NY 11354

If you are interested in attending we will have dedicated time at Monster which will allow club members a special discount.   Members can meet at the store  or kindly call David Manuel at (917) 678-4637 for more information.

Thanks much!

We will post our next event as soon

President’s Message – March 2023

Dear Aquarist,

Our March event was a big success thanks to our faithful board members. I can’t begin to thank them enough because without our volunteers, we would not exist! Our board members and volunteers help put our meetings together while making sure they run to smoothly. I don’t think our membership realizes what’s involved in structuring our meetings: from picking up donations, to bringing merchandise to our meeting location and back to our storage at the end of the night. Then we have our publications, advertising, website, bookkeeping, board meetings, sponsors and the arranging of speakers. This is work done throughout the month and year, not just the day of the show. With that said, I thank all the volunteers for their dedication!

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President’s Message – February 2023

Dear Aquarist,

We are finally back in the NY Aquarium!! In February, we had our first meeting since Covid shut us out in 2020. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are very glad to be back. Our February meeting was a big hit! We had our own Don Lang speaking on breeding fish. Don did a great job filling in as speaker at the last moment. His presentation was well received. He not only delivered his first BAS talk, but he is always there to help where needed, and we’re thankful for his dedication.

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Earn 50%* on donated livestock in February 2023

To kick off 2023 we will once again be having a 50/50 split on donated livestock only (corals, fish and plants in good health) for members only.

Members must sign in at the donation desk that they want 50% of whatever their livestock items are auctioned for (no reserves). The total of all donations must be greater than $5 and your return check will be available for pickup at the next regular meeting.

Not a member yet? No problem, become one at the event. Join Now

We are back at The New York Aquarium Educational Hall!

We are happy to announce that The New York Aquarium has once again granted us use of the Education Hall for our monthly meetings. (Thank you!)

BASNY 50/50 Auction

We are going back to our normal schedule! Regular meetings every second Friday of the month at the New York Aquarium Education Hall at 7:30pm.  We are very excited!

Schedules, topics and speakers to be posted soon so make sure you check back.

Also, Follow us on Facebook for regular postings and updates

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President’s Message – December 2022

Dear Aquarist,

We are coming to a close on another year at BAS. We finished it off with a great holiday party at Dolce Vita in Brooklyn. With about 40 members and their families in attendance, we had terrific food and even door prizes! It was a very good night! While rapping up our 111th year, we are on hold again. We find ourselves with no place to
have our meetings which is rather unfortunate since we’ve built up some nice momentum meeting at the church’s Parish Hall.

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Open Board Positions – We Need Your Help.

The board members meet once a month to discuss club business, and we can use your help! There are four board positions currently available: corresponding  secretary, treasurer, webmaster and recording secretary. If you’d like to attend a meeting which are held the 1st Friday of the month, September through June, please notify Steve Matassa at (347) 277-4793 by the Tuesday before the meeting.


The MASNA Board is proud to welcome you to MACNA 2022 Gathering and Growing, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan.

We look forward to having you join our community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as we come together to Gather and Grow.

Reunited after two years of virtual programs, MACNA 2022 Gathering and Growing will bring our community together for the best MACNA to date.

MACNA 2022 will enable us to gather as a community, bringing together the greatest educators, businesses, leaders, cultivators, and pioneers to continue to share and educate.

Growing our industry in a sustainable manner has never been more important. MACNA 2022 will lead the way through its exhibits, speakers, and programs as we continue to achieve new breakthroughs.

MACNA 2022 will be held at the Wisconsin Center, with hotel rooms available at the historic Milwaukee Hilton City Center & the Hyatt Regency.

CLICK HERE for more information

Project Piaba Expedition 2022

Many of you are familiar with Project Piaba and our goal of fostering and environmentally and socio-economically beneficial aquarium fishery in the Rio Negro region of the Amazon. This fishery links the economic welfare and livelihoods of rural families to environmental conservation that must be maintained for the fishery to thrive. This sustainable aquarium fishery is an effective driver of stewardship that protects habitat for critically endangered species, sequesters substantial amounts of carbon in tropical forests as well as the continuation of atmospheric scrubbing of greenhouse gasses, and alleviates poverty for rural fishing communities.

Piaba trip flyer 2022

We have a lot of work to do this year and we need your help!

Come on an expedition! Every year since 1991 our scientists and specialists have participated in an expedition to explore and study the fishery, and to identify, recommend and implement changes that can improve the health and quality of the fish being exported. We have not been back since COVID turned everything upside down in 2020 and we have a lot of work to catch up on: best handling practices training, traceability implementation, document newly legalized species for the aquarium trade, and export facility training work.

Our next expedition will take place from September 24 – October 8. Please consider joining us on this expedition!

If you are interested or if you have questions, please email me directly (SDowd@projectpiaba.org). More information in the attached folder and on our website:  http://projectpiaba.org/what-we-do/expeditions/

Thank you for supporting Project Piaba!

Scott & the Project Piaba team

President’s Message – May 2022

That’s right: The Brooklyn Aquarium Society is finally back! We had our first event in over two years, and we had a great time. Our location was changed to St Brendan’s Church, and it was a big success. We had many familiar faces and also many new ones. There were a lot of great deals on fish, tanks, and supplies, and a great speaker, James Perronod from Discusrus.com, who graciously stepped up at the very last minute since our scheduled speaker, Yemi Amu was sick. James, as always, held an informative question and answer session. There was no question that could stump this pro! We thank him. Continue reading President’s Message – May 2022

Mark your calendar. April 8th, 7:30PM @ St. Brendan’s in Brooklyn

We are back at it! We’re excited to see you all in person.

At St. Brendan’s Catholic Church Parish Hall
1202 Avenue O,  Brooklyn, NY 11230

April 8th – doors open at 7:30 PM.  Speaker, auction, sales tables overflowing with gear, chemicals and food for sale and 100+ people that share your enthusiasm for fishkeeping. It’s good to be back!

Free parking and free refreshments too!

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Letter From Editors – January 2022

Dear Aquarist,

We have a new issue of AquaticNews that represents a wide variety of fish, from the mysterious Coelacanth to locally bred Angelfish. Our virtual meetings are gaining more popularity with members and we have some compelling speakers coming up. Todd Gardner, breeder of over 60 species of salt water fish, returns to BAS in February. March will bring us Samantha M. West of Zoo Med Laboratories. She will be discussing Environmental Enrichment for your Aquarium Fish.

One article we would like to point out is on page 7, “Why Hobbyists Should Write for their Club Journal.” We encourage all members to share their passion and knowledge. Since we can’t get to meetings please put your experiences to paper. We’ve all had fish we love but can’t keep alive and fish that survive despite doing everything wrong. Whether you’ve had a great experience with new equipment or bought something that totally failed please share with fellow members.

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