President’s Message – March 2023

Dear Aquarist,

Our March event was a big success thanks to our faithful board members. I can’t begin to thank them enough because without our volunteers, we would not exist! Our board members and volunteers help put our meetings together while making sure they run to smoothly. I don’t think our membership realizes what’s involved in structuring our meetings: from picking up donations, to bringing merchandise to our meeting location and back to our storage at the end of the night. Then we have our publications, advertising, website, bookkeeping, board meetings, sponsors and the arranging of speakers. This is work done throughout the month and year, not just the day of the show. With that said, I thank all the volunteers for their dedication!

Our speaker for March was Jay Hemdal, who spoke on fish diseases and quarantine. Jay gave an excellent talk with a wealth of information and had our members intrigued the whole time. We thank Jay for taking time out of his busy schedule to educate our club.

I am very grateful to be back at the NY Aquarium! It has been our home for almost 50 years now and all other locations just don’t feel right. I thank our friends at NY Aquarium for getting us back home — hopefully for another 50 years.

Next month’s speaker will be our own David Manuel. His topic will be on transitioning from freshwater to saltwater. Sure to be a crowd pleaser! He is one of the board members who works tirelessly for us, not just as head of membership, but in all aspects of running the club. David we appreciate you!

Look on our Facebook page for aquatic sales from our club. We post things periodically and you never know what may turn up. We always have tanks and equipment available. If you are looking for something aquatic, reach out to us.

Any hobby or aquatic information you hear or read about, please share with our Editor, Ginny Cahill. It can be your own short stories or something about your own aquatic experience. Please send all emails to Ginny at Ginny continues to do a great job since taking over as editor from John Todaro and we thank her for her commitment. The AquaticNews looks awesome.

We are always looking for your input on our events. Please let us know if you want speakers on a particular aquatic topic. We need our members to be more involved as we continually try to better our club.
For more info, please call out hotline 718-837-4455.