President’s Message – April 2023

Dear Aquarist,

We had a very good turnout in March to see our own David Manuel speak on starting a saltwater tank. This was David’s first time speaking at any club, and he did a great job! This is a topic that many of our members are interested in. Thank you David for once again stepping up for us! Since the pandemic, it has been hard to get speakers to make the trip to Brooklyn to speak. We will continue to do our best to bring you engaging speakers.

Right now, we are getting ready for our May giant auction. We will have tanks, filters, food, and much more for sale, as well as our usual live auction. We are going to be doing a 50/50 auction every month from now on, only on live stock. Up to 10 bags will be 50/50, after that it will be a straight donation. When bringing in fish please let us know if it is 50/50 or all donation.

While attending meetings in person, please try to keep your distance between members — there is plenty of room. Masks are at your discretion.

Look on our Facebook page for aquatic sales from the club. We post things for sale periodically — we always have tanks and equipment for sale. If you are looking for something aquatic, reach out to us.
Any hobby or aquatic information you hear or read about, please share with our Editor Ginny Cahill. It can be your own short stories about your aquatic experiences. Consider sending in pictures of your tanks and fish. This is always of great interest to other hobbyists. It’s how we inspire and learn from one another. Please send all emails to Ginny at Remember, we do this publication for you! Be part of it!

We continually look for your input on our events. Let us know if you want speakers on any aquatic topic. We need our members to be more involved as we are always trying to better our club. We need your help to keep this a vibrant community of fish hobbyists.