Presidents Message – February 2024

Dear Aquarists,

Our January Auction showcased James Perrenod speaking on cichlids,.  As always James gives a great talk. He packs the house.  We had many donations from stores, Manufacturers, and our own members.  The 50/50 is bringing in many bags of donations each month.  Whatever livestock our members bring in they split with the club, 50/50. This is for livestock only.  We will continue to do a 50/50 every month from here on out.  This is a great way to make a little money and enjoy the breeding.  Don’t forget to submit your breeders form to claim breeders bragging rights and submission to the awards points program.  Sending in a photo with short description of the fish and tank description will grant you addition points.

February we will be bringing in Joe Yaiullo from the Long Island Aquarium. Joe never lets us down with his wonderful talks, and always has some great stories. Joe is the curator of the L.i.A., and if you haven’t been there it is worth the trip. This is truly a great aquarium to visit.

Our board members are working hard to bring our members a great show every month.  I want to thank them as always.  Anyone wishing to help out will gladly be given something to do.

We are very happy to be back at the N.Y. Aquarium, It has been our home from almost 50 years and all others just seem unfamiliar. I thank our friends at the Aquarium for getting us back home hopefully another 50 years.

Check out our Facebook page for aquatic sales, from our club. We will post things for sale periodically. We always have tanks and equipment for sale. If you are looking for something aquatic, reach out to us.  You can also post photos of items you plan to bring to the auctions which will drum up interest.

Please share any hobby or aquatic information you hear or read about with our editor, Ginny Cahill.  You can  share your short stories about your aquatic experiences.  Please send all emails to Ginny at Ginny has done a great job since taking over as editor and we thank her for her dedication.  The Aquatic News looks awesome,

Ginny. Thank you for all your hard work.

We are always looking for your input on our events.  Please let us know if you want speakers on any aquatic topic.  We need our members to be more involved as we are always trying to better our club.

For more info, please call out hotline 718 837-4455.