President’s Message – January 2018

Dear Aquarist,

We hope that everyone will have a safe, happy and healthy 2018! Our January meeting was a cold and rainy night, but never the less a packed house. We had Joey Mullen from Canada as our speaker, a.k.a. King of D.I.Y. Joey’s plane was delayed in Boston, and we had a large crowd anxiously waiting his arrival. Joey finally got to talk after 10:00pm, but the crowd waited in anticipation. He also did a Q&A for over an hour after his talk. He walked us through his fish room building which is as big as some house’s in Brooklyn.

As some of you are not aware these meeting take a lot of man power and team work, before and during the meetings. This is why we urge our members to volunteer to help out. The board members and all volunteers do not get paid; they do it for the love of our 106 year old (next month we will be 107 years old) club. Without their help it would not happen. If you are interested in helping please let us know.

For our February event we will have John Coppolino return as our speaker and his topic will be “Building My Dream System – 1300 gallon SPS Display”. Yes that’s right 1,300 gal. John provides a great presentation so get there early to enjoy all of the festivities..

As always free parking and refreshments. Doors open at 7:30 with the speak going on about 8:30. We will have an auction after, with fish, coral, plants, even dry goods. So get there early to view all the items. Hope to see you there.

We would like to thank our members and our sponsors for their constant generous donations that keep us going. Anyone who has any aquatic items, supplies or equipment, and that would include healthy livestock of fish, corals or plants, we always welcome the donation.

Steven Matassa