President’s Message – February 2018


BAS President, Steve Matassa with our speaker John Coppolino


Dear Aquarist,

Our February 2018 event marked another milestone for BAS – our 107th Birthday! Happy Birthday to all of us! We are strong and prosperous thanks to you. We all know that February is a cold and bleak month, but we had a really big ray of sunshine come through for us. Our guest speaker for the evening was John Coppolino, whose topic for the evening was “Building My Dream System – 1,300 gallon SPS Display.” John had talked about this topic prior to his move to his new home in Virginia. He had planned to build his house around his aquarium. Well, he did it and he returned to let us know the entire story. Wow, what an understanding wife! John told us about how he planned every detail and what ideas had to be expanded upon to make his marine system work: a very interesting and rewarding story.

March is next and we have Nathanial Curtis from ZooMed [ZooMed is also one of our sponsors]. Nathanial’s topic for the evening will be “The Science Behind the Spectrum.” He will discuss various lighting fixtures and styles and what works best with corals, plants and fish. This is a discussion that you will not want to miss.
We had to make a change of speakers for our April event. Sanjay Joshi was to speak on “Reef Lighting,” but he must attend a business forum outside of the United States. Joe Ferdenzi, former President of Greater City Aquarium Society, will be our speaker instead. Joe’s topic for the evening will be “Basic Marine Aquariums.” This is for all of you that want to get into salt water aquariums but are unsure about taking the plunge. Joe makes it easy to understand and explains that it is not expensive at all. It’s great for all of those that are new to marine tanks. Come on down; you will learn a lot.

As always, free parking and refreshments. Doors open at 7:30 with the speaker going on at 8:30. We will have an auction after, with fish, coral, plants, even dry goods. So get there early to view all the items. Hope to see you there.

We would like to thank our members and our sponsors for their constant generous donations that keep us going. Anyone who has any aquatic items, supplies or equipment — and that would include healthy livestock of fish, corals or plants — we always welcome the donation.

Steven Matassa