President’s Message – December 2012

Our November event was the first event that had to be cancelled due to the weather in many years. I think the last time we cancelled a meeting was 20 years ago when Seth Kolker was President. The reason we had to cancel back then was that a large snowstorm had deposited several feet of snow in Brooklyn. This year, Hurricane Sandy, also known as “Frankenstorm,” destroyed everyone’s peace of mind and happiness for quite a while. I believe that this was a rude awakening to what “Mother Nature” can do if we are not prepared or if we become complacent thinking that it won’t happen to us. I hope that all of us emerged from this horror safe and sound. Homes, cars and businesses can be rebuilt, but lives cannot. I hope that all of our aquatic creatures are also safe.

The storm hit our NY Aquarium hard. There were many new elements recently installed at the Aquarium to be used for current and future projects, that were destroyed. Offices and exhibits suffered damage. Thankfully, the fish and animals got through the storm and aftermath successfully, but the Aquarium will require a major clean up and won’t be open to the general public until the Spring.

There is good news in all of this darkness. NY Aquarium Director Jon Dohlin, via Kate Fitzgerald, has granted us the OK to have our Holiday party at our Education Hall. So on Friday, December 14, we will have much to be thankful for. Doors will open for our members, families and friends at 7:30 PM. As in previous Holiday parties, everyone is to bring something to eat and/or drink. Please contact Second Vice President Marie Licciardello at our BAS Hotline (number listed below) as to what you will be bringing to the festivities. Any one not bringing anything will be charged $10 per person, at the door.

As always, there will be free parking and BAS Fish Bingo and we will be presenting BAS awards for all hard working and dedicated members.

People still ask me why they haven’t received the Bulletin and Aquatica in the mail. The reason is that they are now on our web site — and in vibrant color! So please visit our new web site where you can read the Bulletin and enjoy a full color Aquatica. Provided you have given us your email address, we can email you our publications and other important notifications of club events.

The interactive forums and sponsor sections on our site are truly enjoyable. Speaking of our interactive Forum – we are having a contest every month as to who has the most posts on our Forum. Please post questions and help provide answers to other hobbyists. You can also post items for sale and ask for items you need. There will be a $25 BAS BUCKS first prize and a $10 BAS BUCKS second prize for the most posts! It is a great place to web connect with other members and a fun location to interact and share information. Several of our wonderful sponsors have “rooms” within our Forum, such as Air, Water & Ice, Zoo Med and Reefs2Go
I am asking for your help and support. If you want to see different speakers or try different things, please let me know. The elected officials of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society are here to serve YOU! Please let us know what you want and why. It would be helpful to everyone. It is important that you visit and patronize our sponsors. It goes full circle: by helping them, they are also helping you as hobbyists and everyone is helping the Brooklyn Aquarium Society — so help us, help you!

For more info, please call our BAS Hotline at (718) 837-4455.

On a more personal note – Any member who desires to attend a Board meeting, held at the Education Center of the New York Aquarium on the 1st Friday of the month, please notify me at (718) 238-1792 by the Tuesday previous to the meeting.

Joe Graffagnino