Request for donations – Please Read

Dear members,

Month after month, the Brooklyn Aquarium Society continues to bring you great speakers, auctions, aquarium books and supplies. We even maintain two publications to help everyone become better hobbyists. This is hard work that all of us chip in to make possible, but it costs time and money.

The only way we can continue with the high standards we have been maintaining for the past 101 years is by generous donations from manufacturers, stores, and members. We have many members that continue to bring us donations to our monthly auctions.

Donations can mean fish, plants, other live stock, old tanks, filters, aquarium equipment: pretty much anything that you have no further use for (but is in good working order). Remember, one man’s unused or unwanted item is another man’s treasure. So dig deep in the back of those closets. I know there are aquarium items you don’t use anymore. If you have bred fish, propagated coral or plants and can spare some, that will be greatly appreciated.

Please notify any Board member and we will contact you.

Steven Matassa
First Vice President