President’s Message – December 2022

Dear Aquarist,

We are coming to a close on another year at BAS. We finished it off with a great holiday party at Dolce Vita in Brooklyn. With about 40 members and their families in attendance, we had terrific food and even door prizes! It was a very good night! While rapping up our 111th year, we are on hold again. We find ourselves with no place to
have our meetings which is rather unfortunate since we’ve built up some nice momentum meeting at the church’s Parish Hall.

As I am sure most of you guys know, we have been meeting at St. Brendan’s church since September, but are now told they have no empty dates available for us to hold our monthly meetings. We are still trying to get back in the New York Aquarium — no luck so far. We now find ourselves looking for another meeting place in Brooklyn. If anyone knows of a place or has any pull in getting back in the aquarium, please let us know. Keep checking our web site for events. (

On more happier news, members can look on our Facebook page for aquatic sales, from the club. We post things for sale periodically. We always have tanks and equipment for sale. If you are looking for something aquatic, reach out to us. We have a lot of great equipment in storage. Any hobby or aquatic information you hear or read about, please share with our Editor, Ginny Cahill. It can be your
own short stories tellinng us about your personal aquatic experiences. Please send all emails to Ginny at

We are always looking for your input on our events. Please let us know if you want speakers on any aquatic topic. We need our members to be more involved as we are always trying to
better our club.

For more info, please call out hotline 718-837-4455

Happy Holidays and see you in 2023!