Acclimating Fish

Acclimating Fish
by Steve Matassa

There are two ways most hobbyist use to acclimate their fish. I will try to explain these methods for those of you who do not know. The first is the drip method, where you would empty the bag with the fish in to a bucket, and set up an air line with a knot in it. Then let the water slowly drip in to the bucket in till the bucket starts to fill up. Then empty some of the bucket and continue with the drip. This should take about half an hour if done right. You do not want to drip it too fast, and stress the fish. The purpose of these methods is to make the transaction for the fish as stress free as possible.

The second method is to float the bag in the tank for about fifteen minutes. Then slowly let in water from the tank to the bag. Let in a few ounces at a time, when the bag is almost full empty some water out of the bag, and continue the process.

With both methods never empty the bag water in to your tank. Always discard this water. When fish are bagged the bag water tends to have high ammonia levels.

After the acclimation is done gently net and release your fish in to your tank.


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