President’s Message – February 2016

Dear Aquarist,

February was cold, but a warm month for BAS, since we had a great speaker, Joe Caparatta of Manhattan Aquarium, who packed the house. Joe spoke on a new marine system for reef tanks called the Triton Method. This was not Joe’s first talk at our club and, as always, he was informative.

We also had a great auction, clothing and equipment tables, free refreshments and free parking; a very good deal for all. We at BAS always try to do our best at our events, but if you think we are missing something, we want to hear from you, our members, so please let us know.

Next month we will have Sal Silvestri speaking on “Breeding and Maintaining Apistogramma Genus and other South American Dwarf Cichlids.” Doors will open at 7:30 pm on March 11. For all future events, please check our web site –’

Remember, if not for our local pet store sponsors, BAS would not be able to survive, so please patronize our loyal sponsor stores because they keep us up and running.

If any of our members have a topic they want to hear speakers talk on or have ideas about our events, we want to know about them. We need your feedback to keep our club going strong. Don’t be shy – let us hear from you! Members can contact us at our hotline (718) 837-4455 or visit our web site, where you can find our upcoming events or join our BAS Forum.

The BAS Forum is a great place for your questions and answers, and to buy or sell aquarium items. Members can also bring up new ideas at our Board meeting on the first Friday of the month in the NY Aquarium Education Hall. If you want to attend a Board meeting to help out or just to express your thoughts, you are always welcome. Please call me at (347) 277-4793. You must call by the Tuesday previous to the meeting. The next Board meeting is March 4, 2016. Hope to see you there.


Thanks and see you next month!

Steven Matassa