President’s Message – June 2013

Dear Aquarist,

June has come and gone. June marks the end of our fiscal year and we plan on having a much needed rest over July and August. June was also club officer and Board member elections and we basically have the same crew as last year with one exception. Mike Roman must leave his position of Corresponding Secretary at the end of the calendar year because he is moving to Wisconsin. We will miss him dearly. Mike was always very dedicated and hard working no matter what task was before him. People, we need a Corresponding Secretary! This position sends the official letters from BAS. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Our guest speaker for June was Laura Birenbaum of the Long Island Aquarium & Exposition Center. Laura provided a very interesting talk on dry shipping corals and invertebrates. She demonstrated her experiments in a Power Point display, provided the results and showed how she had improved mortality results in various shipping methods. Laura and Joe Yaiullo brought in many coral ‘frags’ and donated them to BAS, for which we are very grateful!

We had a 50/50 on livestock – fish, corals and plants only! It was quite successful as members and attendees will see a nice reward for their effort in donations at the September event. 

We are having a photo contest which began at the conclusion of our June event. All contestants are to put their pictures on our Yahoo Group called the Brooklyn Aquarium Society. We have 17 categories for you to enter. Each member may enter 3 pictures of 6 Megapixels or greater in each category. Winners will be selected by our sponsors and members of the Board that have not entered the contest. The contest will run through the summer and the winners will be selected at our October event. Winners must be present to collect their prizes.

The September event will have me as the guest speaker. Hobbyists tell me all the time that I know all this crazy stuff for keeping aquarium maintenance easy and helping fish and fry, spawning different types of fish, etc., so why not put all this useless stuff (for non-aquarists) into a presentation. Ok, you want it, so I will try to put something together for you. No promises of anything mind blowing though. Doors open at 7:30 PM.  As always, there’s free parking and free refreshments.

I am asking for your help and support. If you want to see different subjects offered, please let me know. As examples, some members asked when we were having another bus trip to the Long Island Aquarium & Exposition Center, another asked if we would be willing to do a bus trip to the Baltimore Aquarium, take in a ballgame at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, do an overnight and then hit several huge aquarium stores on the way home. I said sure why not, IF you can get enough people to fill a bus. So, those who are interested get back to me with what you want to do! The elected officials of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society are here to serve YOU! Please let us know what you want and why. It would be helpful to everyone.

 It is important that you visit and patronize our sponsors. It goes full circle, by helping them, they are also helping you as hobbyists and everyone is helping the Brooklyn Aquarium Society, so help us, help you!

For more info please call our BAS Hotline at (718) 837-4455

On a more personal note – Any member who desires to attend a Board meeting, which are held at the Education Center of the New York Aquarium on the 1st Friday of the month, please notify me at (718) 238-1792 by the Tuesday previous to the meeting.

Joe Graffagnino