Breeder Program (BAP)

BAS BAP – Breeder Award Program

Welcome to the Breeders Award Program of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society.

It is through this program that we measure our advancement as aquarists as we gain the necessary knowledge and skill to allow the species we keep to reproduce. Our purposes are to encourage more participation among the members of our club, to recognize outstanding achievements, and to share knowledge of breeding techniques. This is a non-competitive program that recognizes all members equally according to their ability and willingness to experiment without regard to the size of the setup or any time limitations. All points earned are cumulative over an indefinite period of time.

This Breeders Award Program is for freshwater fish, marine fish, corals, invertebrates and plants (both fresh and marine).

Everything you wanted to know about Breeder Award Program can be found in the downloadable manual below

BAS Manual – .pdf (~9.4 mb)

BAP Submission Form – .pdf (~28kb)

2019-2020 Standings – pdf (~12kb)



2018-2019 Standings – pdf (~12kb)

2017-2018 Standings – pdf (~12kb)

2016-2017 Standings – .pdf (~12kb)

2015-2016 Standings – .pdf (~46kb)

2014-2015 Standings – .pdf (~47kb)

2013-2014 Standings – .pdf (~48kb)

2012-2013 Standings – .pdf (~49kb)

2011-2012 Standings – .pdf (~45kb)

2010-2011 Standings – .pdf (~202kb)

2009-2010 Standings – .pdf (~46kb)


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