The 3rd edition of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society’s Photo Contest is officially open!

Once again, we are very fortunate to have such a generous outpouring of support for our club and our contest from the generous sponsors who have provided us with numerous, truly fantastic prizes. All entries will be accepted starting Saturday, June 13th, 2015 until Sunday, October 18th, 2015. The website made especially for the contest (http://basnyphotocontest.weebly.com) is ready to go to accept your photo submissions. Don’t wait! Take photos of your tanks, plants, fish and post them whenever inspiration takes over. Just click on the “Register Here” tab, fill out the necessary contact information and upload your photos — easy as that. Please don’t forget to indicate which category the submitted photos are to be placed. Submitted photographs must be minimum 720 pixels wide or 720 pixel tall. In order to give all participants of the contest enough space to showcase their treasures, we have increased the number of photos each person can post in a given category, from 3 photos to 5. The Photo Contest is open to all members of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society in good standing, so please make sure you have renewed your membership in order to post your photos and win the fabulous prizes.

All winning photos will be published in our Brooklyn Aquarium Society’s publications as well as on our club’s website. All submitted photos in the 2015 Photo Contest will be archived on the contest’s website, as are all photos from our 2014 Photo Contest. Become a part of the club’s history for all to admire!